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Lecturer - researchers & BIATSS


Postdoctoral researchers


PhD students


Associated members

  • Souhir Abbes (Lecturer in economics, University of Sfax, Tunisie)​
  • Ann Andreasen (Director of the Uummannaq Polar Institute (UPI) and the Uummannaq Children's Home)
  • Gérard Azoulay (Associate professor in economics and certificated to direct Phd)
  • Donatas Brandisauskas (Vilnius University)
  • Jenny Chevalier (Anthropologist of art)
  • Omer Chouinard (Professor, Moncton University, Canada)
  • Vladimir Da Vidov (Director of Siberian school, Saint Peterbourg, Russia)
  • Romuald Dupuy (Researcher in economics)
  • Semen Gabyshev (Russian researcher, reindeer herder and hunter)
  • Erich Kasten (Social and cultural anthropologist, specializing in Scandinavian and American studies)
  • Judith Maréchal (Associated researcher, science writer)
  • Ruth Montgomery-Andersen (Doctor in Public Health)
  • Steve Plante (Professor, University of Quebec, Canada)
  • Bernadette Robbe (Ethnologist, researcher at CNRS)
  • Pierre Robbe (Professor of National Museum of Natural History​)
  • Veronika Simonova (Saint Petersburg state university, Russia)


Financial service


Invited researcher

  • Bui Thi Minh Ha (Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam)
  • Bethany Jorgensen (Cornell University, USA)



  • Jeanne Gardith Elisdort
  • Morgane Le Poaizard
  • Larisa Makarova
  • Ana Rocha