Jean-Paul Vanderlinden

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Professor in Ecological Economics and Environmental Studies
Director CEARC



I am currently focusing my research activities on adaptation to climate change as a key thematic area.  I work with local communities, analyzing how climate change is, or will potentially, impact their daily lives.  I analyze adaptation to climate change using risk governance and land use planning as a conceptual entry point this through the lens of integrated analysis.  My main geographical focus is the coastal zone. I am also conducting research on the espistemic dimension of interdisciplinary work. In terms of method I use grounded theory in order to analyze qualitative data (corpuses) and to develop theoretical proposition that are gounded in the heuristics of the research subjects I am working with.  I recently initiated a new research stream using art and science integration as a data collection and analysis methodological device.

I started my academic career by applying regional science and ecological economics, with a strongly interdisciplinary posture, first in the west African Sahel and thereafter on coastal issues (aquaculture development, integrated coastal zone management). I then developed a research program on coastal risks in general, first, and later on hazards associated with the impacts of climate change. I also started a thorough examination of interdisciplinary science as a practice. Today, my research program takes a transdisciplinary turn, climate change adaptation science being co-constructed with non-scientific stakeholders – either user of climate iformation, or artists or local communities.

I had a first career as a development project manager in Africa and Southeast Asia (1989-1995). I then completed a MA in Economics (1996, Université de Moncton, New Brunswick) and a PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies (2002, Environmental Studies, York University, Toronto). I was recruited in 1999 as a professor in Environmental Studies  at Université de Moncton. In 2007 I joined the French University first as associate professor and in 2008 as full professor. My research and teaching, both in Canada and France have focused mainly on land use planning and emerging socio-technical risks, this by adopting an interdisciplinary posture. I am at the end of a term of deputy dean (Observatoire de Versailles Saint-Quentin) and was recently elected head of my research center.  I am and was LPI of several international, European and national projects. The past five years I led or contributed to 21 articles and 8 book chapters.


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