Chloé Dhaille

 chloe.dhaille [at]


I am a PhD student under the supervision of Yorghos Remvikos and Jean-Paul Vanderlinden.

My work is part of the PREFER (PRoxies For Existential Risks) project which aims at documenting local terminal risks through ordinary narratives of non-occidental threatened communities. Precisely, I work with Colombian communities and try to understand how major - social, environmental and/or climate - upheavals could destroy their way to be in the world.

I received a pluridisciplinary education but I specialized in sociology and environmental sciences. I hold a master degree in climate change adaptation (Université Paris Saclay).

My previous research focused on knowledge circulation within the paleoclimatic program PAGES (PAst Global changES) and questioned how it constitutes a "cases library"  that can be mobilized to face present and future climate change challenges.

Research interests : climate change adaptation ; narratives ; epistemology ; ecofeminism and women territorial defense ; critical theory


Last revision: February 2023