Véronique Portemont

 veronique.portemont [at] gmail.com


Véronique PORTEMONT is a PhD student at University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines. Her research is focused on how citizens could find their place in the action (in the face of climate change) in local political action against climate change, specially in PCAET (local urban planification tool).

Resilience as a life style in front of global, environmental, social and climatic changes, relying on social body as a whole, to consider the evolution of social practices, aligned with new values.

We will support the hypothesis that in France, despite the persistence of a centralizing (Jacobin) culture, citizens resilience and empowerment to fight climate change can be based on a new values system, emerging from values and experiences sharing, to create a common culture.

This system is the result of exchanges between actors of different categories and cultures, each can bring a knowledge and a specific experience. This will lead to the emergence, without any external constraint, proposals that do not limit to the need to deal with climate change, but also incorporate the role of society in the emergence of contemporary climatic events due to our lifestyles, our cultures, ...

The aim  would be to allow the growth of a new values system that would integrate citizen action in the development of policies as well as in the evolution of lifestyles.


Key words

Territory, adaptation, urban planification, citizens, collective, resilience, change


Last revision: January 2020