Brenda Natalia Doloisio

Received the phd degrees in 2022


 n.doloisio [at]


Brenda Natalia Doloisio was an argentinian PhD student at the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines. In the context of the Nunataryuk European Project, her research focuses on the socio-economic impacts of the permafrost thaw on the infrastructure and human activities in the Arctic (in the Northeast Siberian region). It is intended to identify possible opportunities and disadvantages for the local population as a result of the permafrost thaw in this area. Although these terms are usually known as “benefits” and “costs” by economists, it is desired to understand them in a broader sense and not only monetarily. 

Fields of interest

  • Climate change
  • Empowerment of communities
  • Risk assessment
  • Local knowledge


Last revision: March 2022