Zhiwei Zhu

 zhiwei.zhu [at] uvsq.fr

      +33 (0)1 80 28 55 05

  • Project manager
  • Assistant of research
  • Multimedia engineer


Zhiwei ZHU is a project manager, research assistant and multimedia developer at CEARC. After his Master in mediation of environmental knowledge and Master in ecological economics at UVSQ, he has worked mainly on the project CO2-MEGAPARIS (integration sciences-society), project ECLIPS (www.eclips.cearc.fr), ARTisticc (www.artisticc.net), and now he works on the project CoCliServ (www.cocliserv.cearc.fr), e-CaIPSuL, Master Adaptation of Climate Change (ACC), Master Appréhender les Changements Climatiques, Environnementaux et Sociétaux (ACCES) and some other projects. His multimedia activity is centered on the scientific-public mediation and the visual communication (such as web site construction, posters).


Research projects


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Achieved videos

  • Laurent Fabius
  • Jean Jouzel
  • ......



Baztan J., Cordier M. Huctin J.-M., Zhu Z., Vanderlinden J.-P., 2017, "Life on thin ice: Insights from Uummannaq, Greenland for connecting climate science with Arctic communities", Polar Science.


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