Publication: « Water and Climate Change »

Baztan J., Bremer S., da Cunha C., De Rudder A., Jaffrès L., Jorgensen B., Krauß W., Marschütz B., Peeters D., Schøyen Jensen E., Vanderlinden J-P., Wardekker A. and Zhu Z. (2022), Local representations of a changing climate. In Letcher T. (dir), Water and Climate Change. Elsevier: 343-363.

Water and Climate Change: Sustainable Development, Politics and Social Issues focuses on climate change and global warming, sustainable development and social and political issues surrounding water. Throughout the book, global contributors provide an outlook on the possible future of the world if climate issues continue to increase. In this regard, readers will become fully aware of the dangers of climate change and global warming. To counterbalance, the book also provides an outlook to the possible future of the world if changes are made and emissions are reduced. Water shortages and water pollution are real and are beginning to affect the lives of every one of us on the planet. We are rapidly reaching a point of no return. If we do nothing about water shortages and water pollution, many of the catastrophes mentioned in this book will come to pass. As such, this reference is a must-read resource for environmental scientists and engineers, water resource experts, agriculturalists, social scientists, earth scientists, geographers and decision-makers in government and water management.

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