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In 2012, I was appointed Associate Professor in Land Use Planning at the UVSQ. My academic areas of interest are multidisciplinary, a reflection of my belief in the importance of  interdisciplinarity as a necessary collaborative practice. I obtained my doctorate from UVSQ in July 2010.

I am also Dean of Students at OVSQ since 2016 and co-director of the Master in RSEE (Corporate Social Responsibility and Environment).



My scientific activity is centered on adaptation planning through the implementation of different practices. I work on facilitating a transdisciplinary dynamic through the co-construction of knowledge and governance processes, often based on prospective methods, and approaches that link art and science.

Another area of expertise is the evaluation of adaptation planning by cities, the facilitation of the monitoring, comparison, and transfer of knowledge on local climate adaptation planning across national and institutional borders.

Both research axes are interconnected since they participate in the study of the vulnerability of territories and their capacity for adaptation, and thus contribute to the study of their ability to make the necessary transitions.

In my research, I mobilize different tools and methods drawn from the social sciences such as participatory methods and practices, prospective methods as well as qualitative research tools and software (semi-structured and open interviews, qualitative analysis software Atlas.Ti, etc).



Ça baigne ? (2020). Exhibition dealing with adaptation to climate change.




Involvement in research projects

  • 2017-2020: CoCliServ (Co-development of place-based climate services for action). Cas study leader "Golfe du Morbihan".
  • 2014-2017: ARTISTICC (Adaptation Research, a Trans-disciplInary transnational community and policy centred approach)
  • 2010-2015: CCC - CURA (Community-University Research Alliances (CURA) on Coastal Communities Challenges in the Estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence facing climate change)
  • 2006-2010: Projet FRAGILE (Forum of Life Sciences for Research and Integrated Assessment for Multistakeholder Management of ILE de France Biodiversity). PhD funding.


Peer reviewed scientific articles and book chapters

da Cunha, C., Nikulkina, I., Vanderlinden, J-P., Shadrin, V., Doloisio, N., Salakhova, D. (submitted). Adaptive capacity for climate change: local initiatives and federal planning. The case of Tiksi, Sakha Republic, Russia. Regional Environmental Change.

da Cunha, C., Farias Rocha, A. P., Cardon, M., Breton, F., Labeyrie L., Vanderlinden, J.-P. (2020). Adaptation planning in France: inputs of narratives of change to support an art and science co-construction process. Climate Risk Management, 100243. doi:

Vanderlinden, J.-P., Baztan, J., Chouinard, O., Cordier, M., da Cunha, C., Huctin, J.-M., Kane, A., Kennedy, G., Nikulkina, I., Vyacheslav, S., Surette, C., Thiaw, D., Thomson K.T. (2020). Meaning in the face of changing climate risks: connecting agency, sensemaking and narratives of change through transdisciplinary research. Climate Risk Management, 29, 100224. doi:

Plante, S., Vasseur, L., da Cunha, C., (2016) Adaptation to climate change and participatory action research (PAR): lessons from municipalities in Quebec, Canada, in: Knieling, J. (Eds.) Climate Adaptation Governance in Cities and Regions. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, pp. 69-88.

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da Cunha, C., (2010) Quelle prise en compte de la biodiversité dans les enjeux de performances des activités agricoles en Île-de-France ? Expérimentation d’une méthode d’évaluation participative multicritères. Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (UVSQ), Guyancourt, p. 574.


Report linked to research projects

Baztan, J., Wardekker, A., Bremer, S., Småland Åsheim, S,  Schøyen Jensen, E., Krauß, W., da Cunha, C., Amrom, C. Jaffrès, L., Pijnappels, M., Rudhart, W.,  Vanderlinden, J.-P. (2021) Lessons learned from using art forms for the representation of local climate information Deliverable 4.4. in: CoCliServ project, pp. 102

Krauß, W., Bremer, S., Wardekker, A., Baztan, J., da Cunha, C. (2019). Lessons learned and guidelines Deliverable 1.4 in: CoCliServ project, pp. 37

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Wardekker, A., Krauß, W., Bremer, S., Baztan, J., Jaffrès, L., Rocha, A., da Cunha, C., Gerkensmeier, B., Breton, F. (2019). Case study situation inventory report. Deliverable 2.1 in: CoCliServ project, pp. 45.

Krauß, W., Bremer, S., Wardekker, A., Marschütz, B. Baztan, J., da Cunha, C. (2019). Relevant excerpts from interviews and protocols. Deliverable 1.3 in: CoCliServ project, pp. 74.

Krauß, W., Bremer, S., Wardekker, A., Marschütz, B. Baztan, J., da Cunha, C. (2018). Chronology and in-depth analysis of weather related and place-specific narratives of climate change. Deliverable 1.2 in: CoCliServ project, pp. 99.

Krauß, W., Bremer, S., Wardekker, A., Marschütz, B. Baztan, J., da Cunha, C. (2018). Initial mapping of narratives of change. Deliverable 1.1 in: CoCliServ project, pp. 121.


Main conferences and conference proceedings (since 2010)

da Cunha, C. (2020) Processus de co-construction art, design et science: quelle application pour l’adaptation au CC? Journée d’étude : Communiquer autrement les connaissances sur le changement climatique, Ouranos-AuRA, Grenoble, France.

da Cunha, C. (2019). Choisir. Festival CURIOSITas, La Diagonale Paris-Saclay. Massy, France.

da Cunha, C. (2019). Le Golfe du Morbihan, territoire naturel anthropisé, doit-il être réensauvagé ?  Enjeux et perspectives pour une diversité sociale et écologique, Diversité sociale et diversité écologique : vers plus de synergies ? ENS Ulm, CERES (Centre de formation sur l’environnement et la société), INRA (Institut national de recherche agronomique). ENS Ulm, Paris, France.

da Cunha, C. (2018). La transdisciplinarité, un processus d'intégration qui transcende les limites disciplinaires? Ecole-chercheurs – LabEx BASC “Construire un collectif interdisciplinaire en Agroécologie”. Bergerie de Villarceaux (Val d’Oise), France.

da Cunha, C., Cordier, M., Gemenne, F., Quenet, G., Remvikos, Y., Rulleau, B., Vanderlinden, J.-P., (2013) L'adaptation aux changements globaux. Quel apport des sciences sociales pour une vision transdisciplinaire ? Congrès de l’Association Française d’Economie Politique (AFEP). Bordeaux, France.

da Cunha, C., Plante, S., Vasseur, L. (2013) Mesurer la résilience des communautés côtières face aux changements climatiques : une vision pragmatique pour un concept multidimensionnel. 81° Congrès de l'Acfas - Association francophone pour le savoir. Québec, Québec, Canada.

da Cunha, C., Plante, S., Vasseur, L., (2011) Le suivi de la résilience de communautés côtières comme moyen d’évaluation des effets de la recherche action participative, Paper presented at the GIS Démocratie & Participation, Paris, France. [conference proceedings]



Involvement in research projects

  • 2020-2021 : ARTISAN (Accroître la Résilience des Territoires au changement climatique par l’Incitation aux Solutions d’adaptation Fondées sur la Nature). Intellectual service leader for ADEME: evaluate the level of integration of Nature-Based Adaptation Solutions in PCAETs.
  • 2013-2017: RAMSES (Reconciling Adaptation, Mitigation and Sustainable Development for citiES)
  • 2010-2013: D2SOU project (integrated management of soil and subsoil in urban development


Peer reviewed scientific articles and book chapters

da Cunha, C. Lioubimtseva, E., (2021). Local climate change adaptation plans: comparison and lessons learned, in: Carrillo F. J., Garner, C. (Eds.) City Preparedness for the Climate Crisis. Edward Elgar Publishing. pp. x-x.

Lioubimtseva, E., da Cunha, C. (2021). Community engagement and equity in climate adaptation planning: experience of small and mid-size cities in the United States and in France, in: Petersen, B., Ducros, H. B. (Eds.) Justice and Climate Action Planning. Elsevier. pp. x-x.

da Cunha, C., Lioubimtseva, E. (2021). Metadata for climate change adaptation plans of small and mid-sized French and American cities: 2007–2017. Data in Brief, 36, 106981. doi:

Lioubimtseva, E., da Cunha, C. (2020). Local climate change adaptation plans in the US and France: comparison and lessons learned in 2007-2017. Urban Climate, 31, 100577. doi:

Reichel, V., da Cunha, C., O’Connor, M. (2009) Le débat public sur l’autoroute A12 (France) en termes d’effets : une analyse en trois temps. VertigO - la revue électronique en sciences de l'environnement, 9 (2). doi:


Report linked to research projects

Mendizabal, M., Peña, N., García-Blanco, G., Feliu, E., Terenzi, A., Latinos, V.,...  da Cunha, C., ... (2017). Transition Handbook & Training Package, in: RAMSES project (Ed.), p. 61.

Domingos, N.d.P., Remvikos, Y., da Cunha, C., Gemenne, F., (2016) D7.3: Identification of drivers of urban growth in the political and institutional context, in: RAMSES project (Ed.), WP 7: Urban policies and governance. UVSQ, Guyancourt, p. 60.

Domingos, N.d.P., da Cunha, C., De Pryck, K., Remvikos, Y., Gemenne, F., (2015) D7.2: Typology of the tools available to policy-makers and assessment of their efficiency, in: RAMSES project (Ed.), WP 7: Urban policies and governance. UVSQ, Guyancourt, p. 47.

De Pryck, K., Forino, G., da Cunha, C., Remvikos, Y., Gemenne, F., (2014) D7.1: Analytical framework of the decision-making process, in: RAMSES project (Ed.), WP 7: Urban policies and governance. UVSQ, Guyancourt, p. 32.


Main conferences and conference proceedings (since 2010)

Mazin, A., da Cunha, C., Vayssière, J-L (2020) Les marchés publics responsables, levier de la transition écologique des territoires ? Séminaire de l'équipe Proximité de l'UMR SAD-APT, Inra-AgroParisTech, Paris, France.

Lioubimtseva, E., da Cunha, C., (2020) Community engagement and equity in climate adaptation planning: experience of small and mid-size cities in the United States and in France, Paper presented at the 7th Climate Change Online Conference CLIMATE2020, Haw Hamburg, Germany. [conference proceedings]

Lioubimtseva, E., da Cunha, C. (2018). Progress in climate change adaptation planning:  a comparative study of the US and French small and mid-size cities 2007-2017. American Association of Geographers' Annual Meeting. New Orleans, LA, US.

da Cunha, C. (2015) Adaptations to global change: Contribution of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research. Public Talk on Climate Change. GVSU Allendale, Michigan, USA (Hosted by Environmental Studies Program and Padnos International Center, Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies)

da Cunha, C., (2011) Panorama des visions de la performance de l’activité agricole : quelle influence pour l’avenir des territoires ruraux français ?, Paper presented at the Territoire et environnement : des représentations à l’action., Tours, France. [conference proceedings]



Master's Degree

  • Participatory approaches (M1)
  • Introduction to climate policies (M1)
  • Social Science Survey Methods (M2)
  • Experiences in adaptation planning (M2)


Environment and Sustainable Development Virtual University (UVED)

  • Adaptation aux changements climatiques et à l'augmentation du niveau de la mer en zones côtières - Une perspective globale (Coastal management and adaptation)
  • BEST (biodiversity management)
  • AGRI-GNOSTICS (sustainable agriculture)






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