The main goals of Greenlandia are to understand, document and communicate the current impacts of climate change on the way of life of the most exposed communities.

Understand: through scientific research

Greenlandia is an interdisciplinary project of climatic ethnology.

Its originality: combining humanities and science.

The expedition to Scoresby Fjord, our first mission, will begin in 2020.

On land, the team of ethnologists will collect the testimonies of the inhabitants of the village of Ittoqqoortormitt while in the fjord, part of the team will conduct the scientific sampling (climatology, meteorology, glaciology, biology, etc.).

These methods will offer a global and transverse view of the climate situation, at a given place, of humans and their environment.

Document: a portrait of life

Throughout the duration of our expedition, parallel to the science, we will constitute a documentary collection with photographs, video reports, TV documentaries, texts etc. This work of conservation and memory, integrating existing scientific and local data, will result in the creation of online archives on the consequences of current climate changes in the places chosen by Greenlandia.

Communicate: inform and educate younger generations

Discovering and listening to these communities confronted with the consequences of climate change will be instrumental to raising awareness among young local people. They are those who will continue traditions and pass on the related knowledge to fight climate change.

To realize this potential, we will set up educational tools (Climate Awareness Workshop, filming shared videos, etc.). Throughout the expedition, videoconferences will take place between the school fjord and colleges in France to raise international awareness.

The project is created and directed by Vincent Hilaire.


Involved members:

  • Jean-Michel Huctin
  • Tanguy Sandré
  • Jean-Paul Vanderlinden (scientific coordinator)




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