Sébastien Walczyszyn

Received the phd degrees in 2023


 sebastien.walczyszyn [at] gmail.com


I am a PhD candidate under the joint supervision of Jean-Paul Vanderlinden and François Gemenne.

Through my research, I intend to study the role and significance of place-based demonstration activities in the transformation of local interactions, social representations of the environment and land-use planning practices.

My thesis will focus on the LIFE IP ARTISAN "demonstrator program", implemented since 2020 in ten French local areas and designed as a policy instrument to upscale the implementation of nature-based solutions for climate change adaptation.



Former student of the Ecole Normale Supérieure Ulm, I hold a master’s degree in Medieval History (2011, Paris I) and an advanced master’s degree in Environmental Public Policies (2014, AgroParisTech).


Professional experience

I devoted my first professional experiences to public policy analysis in a specialized consultancy firm (2014-16). I then worked as a project officer on ecological transition in a local government (Département de la Seine-Saint-Denis, 2016-2018) and in the French National Agency for Biodiversity (AFB, 2018-19), where I coordinated the development of the ARTISAN project and its application to the EU LIFE IP program.

More recently, I worked for the Climate Change Adaptation Unit within the United Nations Environment Program headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya (2019-2020). I was in charge of a portfolio of capacity-building projects aiming at improving the access of developing countries to climate finance.


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