Publication : « Long-Term Resilience to Climate Change Risks in French Polynesian Community » by C. Heinzlef

Serre D., Heinzlef C. (2022) Long-Term Resilience to Climate Change Risks in French Polynesian Community. In: Brears R.C. (eds) The Palgrave Handbook of Climate Resilient Societies. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.

This chapter develops a methodology to facilitate the implementation of long-term resilience in Pacific island territories. Resilience, an innovative concept in risk management, is however perpetually questioned, difficult to apply, or integrated into local risk management strategies. In a context of climate change, the Pacific island territories are increasingly vulnerable and do not benefit from sufficient tools, human, financial or material resources. It is therefore essential to develop local resilience strategies adapted to the geographical, political, and social context of these vulnerable territories. However, current resilience strategies are endlessly multiplying and are often applied over a short period of time, and local actors get lost in the different approaches. The aim of this chapter is to develop a long-term approach in the form of a resilience toolbox, through a risk and resilience observatory design. This prototype resilience observatory is being developed for French Polynesia.