CoCliServ received honorable mention from the JPI Climate Excellence Award for Social Impact

More than 60 research projects have been funded by JPI Climate since 2011. These funded research projects mainly aim to foster development of coherent research activities and to maximize impact of climate change research in Europe and beyond. In this context, close collaboration with stakeholders is key in these projects.

The JPI Climate Excellence Award for Social Impact is aiming to celebrate the research team that made an excellent performance in creating social impact via its JPI Climate funded research project. After so many years and several research calls, we want to put a spotlight on one of our best performing teams and promote their best performance to create social impact via research to the European and international climate change community.

JPI Climate presents its first iteration of this Excellence Award for Social Impact to CLIMAX, for the outstanding social impact it has created. The Excellence Award for Social Impact showcases research projects funded by JPI Climate for their extraordinary contributions to behavioral changes and real-world impacts.

Honorable mentions go to the research projects CoCliServ (coordinated by the CEARC) and SENSES, which are the runners-up for this year's Excellence Award for Social Impact.

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