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 François Gemenne is a research fellow in political science (CEARC / CEDEM - University of Liege), and he's is also an associate expert with CERI - Sciences Po. A specialist of environmental geopolitics and migration governance, he also lectures on these issues in various universities, including Sciences Po (Paris and Grenoble), the University of Paris 13 and the Free University of Brussels.

His research mostly deals with populations displaced by environmental changes and the policies of adaptation to climate change. He has conducted field studies in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina, Tuvalu, China, Kyrgyzstan, the Maldives, Mauritius and Japan, after the Fukushima disaster.

 He has been involved in a large number of international research projects on these issues, including the EACH-FOR project, for which he supervised research in Asia-Pacific and Central Asia. He also coordinated the DEVAST project, one of the first international projects to examine the social and political consequences of the Fukushima disaster. He has also been the scientific advisor of the exhibition ‘Native Land. Stop Eject’ at the Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain, in Paris. He has consulted for several organizations, including the International Organization of Migration (IOM), the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the World Bank, the ACP Observatory on Migration and the British government (Foresight). In 2010, he was awarded the ISDT-Wernaers Prize for achievement in the communication of science to the general public.

 He holds a joint doctorate in political science from Sciences Po Paris and the University of Liege (Belgium). He also holds a Master in Development, Environment and Societies from the University of Louvain, as well as a Master of Research in Political Science from the London School of Economics. Between 2008 and 2010, he was awarded a post-doctoral scholarship from the AXA Research Fund. He has published in various journals, including Science and Global Environmental Change, and has authored four books: ‘Controverses climatiques, science et politiques’ (edited with E. Zaccai and JM. Decroly, in French, Presses de Sciences Po 2012), ‘Anticiper pour s’adapter’ (with L. Tubiana and A. Magnan, in French, Pearson 2010), ‘Géopolitique du changement climatique’ (in French, Armand Colin 2009), and ‘Nations and their Histories : Constructions and Representations’ (edited with Susana Carvalho, Palgrave Macmillan 2009).

He is also the director of the Sustainable Development series at Presses de Sciences Po, a leading French academic publisher, and the president of Ecosphere, a Brussels-based think-tank on environmental issues and human rights.



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Guest editor of a journal’s special issue

  • “Climate and Security: Evidence, Emerging Risks and a New Agenda”, Climatic Change (edited with N. Adger, J. Barnett and G. Dabelko), forthcoming Spring 2013.
  • “ Environnement et Migrations ” (2010), Hommes & Migrations., No 1284.


Articles and book chapters – peer-reviewed

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Articles and book chapters – non peer-reviewed

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Research reports

  • Gemenne F., Brücker P. and Ionesco D. (Eds) (2012) The State of Environmental Migration 2011. Paris: IDDRI and IOM.
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Public outreach and op-eds

  • Gemenne F. (2011) “ Should they stay or should they go ? Clashing policy perspectives on climate change and resettlement”, PERN Cyberseminar, November.
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